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Important Information about your Florida Blue Insurance

Naples Comprehensive Health (NCH) is proud to be a locally governed, non-profit, community-focused health system and one of Healthgrades America’s Top 100 Hospitals. Our mission is to help everyone live longer, happier, and healthier lives by ensuring the best care for anyone who walks through our doors, so we want to share important information regarding our negotiation with Florida Blue that may impact you or someone in your family.

We count on insurance partners to help us be there when patients need us which is why we’re asking Florida Blue to collaborate on our contract. Our contract hasn’t kept pace with inflation and significantly underpays NCH compared to other health providers. Our nation is managing historic inflation and NCH has continued to face increased costs in prescription drugs, supplies, medical devices, and labor. Without a sustainable agreement, Florida Blue threatens our ability to ensure patients have access to essential and critical care close to home.

Why This Matters

If we are unable to reach a resolution by September 30, 2024, NCH will be considered an out-of-network provider for patients with Florida Blue health insurance. This means patients may be forced to pay more out-of-pocket, change doctors, or drive hours for in-network services.

What You Can Do:

While we have good faith that Florida Blue will partner with us on a resolution, here’s what you can do to make your voice heard:

Call Florida Blue

At the number on the back of your insurance card. Tell them how important it is
to keep NCH in network

Call your employer or broker

Let them know it’s important that you get the coverage you paid for and deserve, which includes having NCH in network.

Consider your options

We are in-network with all major health plans in the area. If you have an upcoming renewal, choose a plan that keeps NCH in network. You can find a full list of the health insurance plans we accept on our website at

Always Serving Our Community, Since 1956

 *2023 net gain to the community through NCH charity, subsidized Medicaid care, and community benefit expenditures.

We value the support we receive from our patients and community. Thank you for trusting us to care for you and your family.

For your convenience, here are resources for our referral program: